Updated 9/19/19

Isa x Johannes 05/13/2016

​Isa x Johannes 12/09/2016

Isa x Johannes 2/23/18

​Maja x Johannes 02/10/2017

We are VERY excited to announce the breeding of Maja with GCH Pegasus Grabbin' The Bull By The Horns V TTS (Angus)!!  Due August 25th, 2017

Update: Maja unfortunately went into premature labor on August 16th and only one puppy was developed enough to survive. She was hand raised and bottle fed. Sneakers is now 1 year old and doing well!

Isa x Johannes 7/27/17

Please contact us for an application and to be added to the waiting list for our winter/spring 2020 litters.

GREAT DANES: Sneakers will hopefully be bred for her 2nd litter by the end of 2019.  Talyah will be completing her health testing in the next few months, and hopefully be bred in the spring.  

FRENCHIES: I am hopeful that Paris will be in heat very soon and be able to be bred.  Effie should be due into heat shortly after her. So, we are hopeful for 2 litters in early 2020!!


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Maja x Angus 2/13/18