​Maja x Johannes 02/10/2017

​Isa x Johannes 12/09/2016

Updated 4/18/19

Isa x Johannes 05/13/2016

Isa x Johannes 2/23/18

Isa x Johannes 7/27/17

Maja x Angus 2/13/18

We are VERY excited to announce the breeding of Maja with GCH Pegasus Grabbin' The Bull By The Horns V TTS (Angus)!!  Due August 25th, 2017

Update: Maja unfortunately went into premature labor on August 16th and only one puppy was developed enough to survive. She was hand raised and bottle fed. Sneakers is now 1 year old and doing well!

Please contact us for an application and to be added to the waiting list for our summer/fall 2019 litters.

Maja was bred for the final time on January 3rd, as a repeat breeding, to "Int'l CH Autumn Royal I Have A Dream" (Martin). Ultrasound has confirmed one puppy. Maja will have a c-section and spay on March 4th!  

 Milani was bred to "Pink Star's Bull of Another Color" and had a litter of 10 lovely puppies on 3/22. They have all been placed with families from the waitlist. 

Our first French Bulldog breeding has taken place between Paris and Frankie. Paris gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies via c-section on February 12th! The one female puppy will stay here, and the two males have gone to their new homes.

We are hoping for 2 more Frenchie litters this year!


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