Welcome to Pink Star Danes!

And French Bulldogs Too!!

    We are a small volume, high quality, family breeder located in Western New York, owned and operated by a NYS Licensed Veterinary Technician. We have owned Great Danes since 2006.  Our dogs are dual registered AKC and UKC, and we compete in both venues.  All of our dogs are health tested and CHIC certified (Canine Health Information Center) which is very important to us when breeding show and pet quality Great Danes. We strive to provide high quality, healthy, happy puppies!  The goal of any breeder should be to improve the breed. Our dogs are our pets and we hope that you can have the same enjoyment from a Great Dane that we do! Every breed has specific health and development needs, please research the breed. We will support you and your new puppy every step of the way.

    Great Danes are known as "Gentle Giants" and make great family members. They are large and do require a small amount of exercise, but don't think that you need to own a huge farm to have one. They are indoor only dogs and do great in apartments as well, as they are giant couch potatoes. They will require, however, a great deal of commitment financially. Everything costs more when your dog is huge! But I guarantee your Great Dane will never leave you unnoticed anywhere you go with them. They attract and adore attention.

    In mid-2018 we added French Bulldogs to our breeding program. We are very excited to learn and grow with this breed as an addition to our family.  We have slowly started to enter the show ring with them as well!